Honest, Objective, and Critical.

The Social Report is a show with a mission: shine a light on important issues being ignored by the mainstream media. Topics range from the ever changing chess board of international politics, to the grass roots efforts of local activism. Beyond power struggles, we explore other obstacles society faces, such as the coming of a more automated world and how our past reflects our future. 

This is a dialog dedicated to finding truth wherever it may lie. During a time of great divisiveness all opinions should be examined, but here they are held to a standard of objectivity and critical thinking. 

The goal? 

Only the most practical solutions should come out of the battleground of ideas

I am not a politician. I do not hold a Doctorate in Political Science. I am just a guy with opinions. The Social Report is not a soapbox, but it is a forum for all people who are affected by the failings of society. It is a show supported and listened to by people, so all people are encouraged to weigh in on the conversation.